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WCF/Web-API Course Details

Batch Date: Apr 23rd & 24th @ 9AM

Faculty: Mr. NagaRaju (18 yrs of Exp)

Fee: 1000/- INR

Duration: 2 Weekneds

Location : Maitrivanam, Hyderabad.

Venue :
Plot No : 302,
IInd Floor ,
HUDA Maitrivanam,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038.
Ph.No : 09246212143,8096969696.


•Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) – Web Api
1 Distributed Programming. Evolution of Services. What is a Service and what is Service-orientation. Service-oriented Architecture and .NET Remoting Architecture. Message flow in XML Web-Services. Drawbacks of Web-Services and why WCF is needed.

2 What is WCF? How it is different from Web Services. Evolution of WCF to present form.
WCF as a unified model. Web-Api as new SOA Development model in .NET
HTTP service using ASP.NET Web API
Differences between WCF and Web-Api
Endpoints concept in WCF

3 Creating a WCF project. Types of Contracts in WCF and how they can be defined. Types of hosting in WCF. .NET support for WCF. Demo for creating a simple WCF Service in consoleand hosting it

4 Consuming a WCF Service. Demo for the same. Configuring WCF Services
Visual Studio role in building WCF applications – Templates, tools, testing and hosting environments.
Creation of a simple WCF application in Visual Studio. Using Data Contracts for serializing and WCF-enabling complex types – Implicitly & Explicitly SOAP Serialization with MessageContracts

5 Client interaction with MEX endpoint. Complete demo for creating a WCF service library, testing and consuming in host environment. Extending the demo for hosting it with Windows Services and consuming it from a client program.

6 Windows Services for WCF application – Continued

7 Configuring endpoints. Specifying a Service Contract. Creating a WCF Service using web template and hosting in IIS. Demo for the same. Creating proxy from command line.


8 Message Exchange Patterns – One-way, Request-Reply and Duplex. Describing Message Exchange patterns using attributes.

9 Error Handling , Faults and Exceptions
Generating and Handling Faults , Fault Contracts , Faults related to other environments

10 Message Exchange patterns contd. - Duplex pattern. Instance Management-Modes of Service instances. Sessions in WCF.

11 Web Programming using WCF. Use of WebHttpBinding. Explanation of SOAP, JSON, POX and REST styles. VS.NET role in WCF-AJAX integration. Demo for creating and consuming a service in AJAX using JSON serialization

12 Demo contd. Consuming the Service

13 WCF support for REST with WebGet and WebInvoke attributes. How REST works – URI template and holes concept. Demo for creating a WCF Service with REST.

14 Web-Api with WCF & MVC
Web-Api with ASP.NET, ASP.NET Web API as a framework for building web APIs

15 Demos creating Web-Api

16 Consuming Restful services created using WCF REST and ASP.NET Web Api
Developing SPA with Restful services

17 Deploying Services to IIS & AZURE platform

18 Case Studies – Offline Discussion – Project Scope – Real Time Scenarios