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iPHONE Course Details

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Batch Date: Oct 24th @ 10:30AM

Faculty: Mr. Mahesh

Duration: 30 Days

Fee:  3000 INR + Reg Fee 100/- INR

Package : ( Android + Iphone ) - 5500/-INR

Location : S.R Nagar, Hyderabad.

Venue :

Canara bank building 2nd floor,
near S. R Nagar Ploce Station,
Ph.No : 76 60 88 87 86


A           Introduction to Objective C
             Learning Objective C
             Introduction to Mac OS

B           iPhone Overview
             iPhone SDK
             OO Principals & MVC Architecture

C           Development Environment Tools
             iPhone simulator
           Interface Builder

Objective- C Basics

D           Controls
             Labels,Buttons,Text Field
             Text View, ImageView,SegmentedControls
             Scroll View, Activity Indicator,WebView,AdBanner View
             Picker View, Date Picker
             Page Control
             Radio Button, Checkbox

E           Controllers
             View Controllers
             Navigation Controllers
             TabBar Controllers
             TableView Controllers
             Image Picker Controllers

F           Advanced Concepts
             Current Location, Reverse GeoCoder
             Media(Core Animation, Audio Recording, Audio Playing and video playback)
             Touch/MultiTouch, Application Preferences
             User defined Protocols, Broadcasting
             Finding Device Information, Accessing Battery Status, Background Task
           Mail Composer, Message Composer

SQLite DataBaseand Other Storage Methods in IOS

Google Maps
Introduction to LocationBased Services in iOS
Introduction to Google Maps
Getting the Google Map key for iOSOverview
Creating the SHA-1 for your signature key
Register with the Google APIs Console
Create key for your application
Google Maps Example
Create Project
Adjust layout file
Placing multiple position
How to track the location
How to find the distance between 2 points

Google Places
Get Google Places API Access
List of search options to get data (like airports, cafes …)
Build a Places Search Query to select particular positions
Create an AsyncTask to Fetch Place JSONData in the Background
How to place the places data on GoogleMaps

Introduction to XML
Advantages of XML
Rules to write an XML
XML Parsers

Introduction to JSON

Advantages of JSON over XML

Syntax & Structure of JSON

Why is JSON is preferred for mobile applications
different types JSON Parsers [ simple json ,Jackson , GSON ] to parse the JSON

Web Services[ SOAP& REST ]
 Introduction to Web Service

Advantages of Web Services

 Architecture of Web Service

Types of Web Services

Web Service Components

SOAP Based Web Service

How to Call SOAP Web Service

Detailed Explanation about WSDL , SOAP & UDDI

Why SOAP is not preferred for mobile Applications  ?

What are the disadvantages with SOAP

Working with REST

Introduction to COCOS-2D

How to setup the Environment for COCOS-2D

COCOS-2D Components






Cocos-2D Actions

( CCMoveTo , CCRotateTo, CCJumpTo, CCScale ,CCOrbit , CCBlink , CCFadeIn/Out …..)
CCSequence&CCRepeat actions.

Google Cloud Messaging[ GCM ]
Introduction to Google Cloud Messaging

How to integrate GCM service into the SDK

Hot to get the GCM API Key

GCM Architecture

GCM components.

How to develop GCM  server application in java

How to develop the GCM Client application

GCM Client dependencies.

Introduction Apache Cordova Phone Gap

Advantages of Phone Gap

Phone Gap Components

How to setup Phone Gap Environment

Sample projects on Phone Gap