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HADOOP Course Details

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Batch Date: May 11th @ 8:00AM

Faculty: Real Time Faculty

Duration: 1 Month

Location : Madhapur, Hyderabad.

Venue :
Plot No : 58,
Ground Floor, Beside BIG 'C showroom Street
Sai Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad-500034.
Ph.No : 9505905786


I. Hadoop Overview
• Origins of BIGDATA
• BIGDATA processing and storage problems
• Platforms for BIGDATA processing and storage: Hadoop & Spark
• What is Hadoop? Benefits of Hadoop
• Hadoop Usecases: DataConsolidation, ETL, BIGDATA warehouse, Batch
Processing, DataScience Platform
• Overview of Hadoop EcoSystem
• Vendor comparison (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR)
2. Hadoop Installation
• Single-node Hadoop Setup using Images
• Multi-node Hadoop cluster setup with public repositories
• Multi-node Hadoop cluster setup with private repositories
• Cluster Monitoring Alternatives
• What is HDFS? Why do we need HDFS?
• HDFS Architecture
• Concepts of HDFS: Block, NameNode, DataNode, Secondary Namenode
• Replication and Rack-awareness
• Read & Write request walkthrough
• Understanding Pipelining
• Demonstration of Fault Tolerance & Self-Healing in reality
4. MapReduce
• What is MapReduce? Why do we need MapReduce?
• MapReduce Architecture
• JobTracker and TaskTracker setup
• Steps to develop MapReduce Jobs
• Internal execution of MapReduce Jobs
• Shuffle, Sort & Partitioning
• Speculative Execution
• Input/Output formats
• Writing & Debugging MR programs in java
5. PIG
• What is PIG? Why do we need PIG?
• PIG installation
• PIG internal architecture
• PIG Latin scripting
• PIG internal optimization
• PIG interaction via grunt shell(Local & Hadoop mode)
• Writing PIG UDFs
• What is HIVE? Why do we need HIVE?
• HIVE installation
• HIVE internal architecture
• Understanding HIVE metastore
• Datamodel
• Managing tables
• HIVE Query Language
8. Sqoop
• Integrating RDBMS servers data with Hadoop
• What is Sqoop? Benefits of Sqoop
9. Flume
• Integrating Streaming data sources with Hadoop
• What is Flume? Benefits of Flume
• Internal Architecture of FlumeNG
• Understanding & working with Sources
• Understanding & working with Sinks
• Understanding & working with Channels
10. Introduction to Spark
• What is Spark
• Benefits of Spark