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UI Technologies Course Details

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Batch Date: June 21st @9:00PM

Faculty: Mrs. Swetha

Duration: 45 Days

Venue :
Plot No : 202, IInd Floor,
HUDA Maitrivanam,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038.

Ph.No: +91 - 9246212143, 80 96 96 96 96


UI Technologies


• UI Developer roles and Responsibilities
• UX designer roles
• Technologies needed
• Power of UI
• Current market requirements on UI
• Sample Webpages
• Crawling and meta tags


• Structure of HTML Page
• Mandatory tags in html page (html, head, body)
• What is CSS
• Different ways of applying css for elements, and priority chain of css
• Heading tags(H1…H6), Tags and attributes(Class, Id, style..etc)
• Inline and blocklevel elements

More Tags in HTML

• Including external page links in a page using anchor tags and its properties
• Working with row and column data using table tags
• Hiding and unhiding elements using display property
• img tag, p tag, ul and ol tags, li, nobr, hr, bretc
• Layouts, forms, buttons
• Input fields (textbox, radiobutton, checkbox, dropdown, textareaetc)

More CSS Properties

• Adding borders, font, pseudo classes
• Positioning elements (absolute, relative, fixed and static)
• Image spriting
• Boxmodel (margins, padding)
• Floating elements (float left, right etc.)
• Including external resources
• Absolute and Relative paths
• Including external resources like css, images etc

Form Elements

• Get & Post
• Validating input values in a form
• Form action and type


• Introduction
• Data types and data structures in Js
• Control structures, if, ifelse, while, for, switch case statements
• Dynamic creation and maniplation of dom elements using js
• Adding dynamic event listerners to dom elements
• Event capturing and event bubbling
• Validations using key charcodes

JavaScript Supported Data Structures

• Arrays
• Predefined methods in arrays
• Strings and predefined methods
• Objects

Advanced JavaScript

• Object oriented programming in JavaScript
• Class based oop in javascript
• Prototype based oop in javascript
• Polymorphism in javascript
• Inheritance in JavaScript
• Adding methods for an object

jQuery Framework

• Onload and onreadydiffrence
• jQuery selectors
• Multiple ways of referingdom elements using jQuery selectors
• jQuery methods
• Adding dynamic properties for dom elements
• Toggleing elements
• Creating dynamic elements using jQuery

jQuery Traversing Methods

• Finding elements using jQuery techniques
• Filtering elements

Events using jQuery

• Binding events
• Dynamic binding
• List of events been supported in jQuery(blur, change, click, dbclick….etc)
• Jquery.ripple.js,jquery.cycle.js,jquery.ripple.js…etc


Ajax with javascript

• Advantages with Ajax and its limitations
• Samples working with Ajax
• Different data formats used in Ajax (string, xml, Json, etc)
• XML and JSON difference
• Crossdomain interactions using JSONP

Ajax with Jquery

jQuery Templating

• Loading DOM dynamically using jQuery templates
• loading templates using AJAX


• Difference between HTML5 and HTML 4
• List of Browsers support HTML5
• Doctype
• Media tags (audio and video tags)
• Graphics using Canvas tag
• Drag and Drop features
• Working on locations lat and lng using Geolocation
• Storing userpreferences using Localstorage.


• Difference between CSS2 and CSS3
• Adding borders and backgrounds
• Advanced text effects(shadow)
• 2D and 3D Transformations
• Adding Transitions to elements
• Adding animations to text and elements

Responsive Designs

• Difference between multiple devices, making a page to work on multiple devices
• Media queries
• Introduction to Bootstrap CSS API(2hrs)

BootStrap 4

• Introduction to Bootstrap
• Bootstrap CSS
• Bootstrap Layout Components
• Bootstrap JavaScript Plugins
• Using Bootstrap
• Bootstrap 4 - Grid System
• Bootstrap 4 - Content
• Bootstrap 4 - Utilities


• Overview
• Variables
• Mixins
• Nesting
• Operations
• Escaping
• Functions
• Namespaces and Accessors
• Maps
• Scope
• Comments
• Importing


• Sass Introduction
• Sass Variables
• Sass Nested Rules and Properties
• Sass @import and Partials
• Sass @mixin and @include
• Sass @extend and Inheritance
• Sass String Functions
• Sass List Functions
• Sass Map Functions
• Sass Selector Functions
• Sass Introspection Functions
• Sass Color Functions