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SPRING BOOT Course Details

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Batch Date: Oct 10th & 11th @10:00AM

Faculty: Mr. Sai

Duration: 1 Weekend Batch (Perday 8 Hours Class)

Venue :
Plot No : 202, IInd Floor ,
HUDA Maitrivanam,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038.

Ph.No: +91- 9246212143, 80 96 96 96 96



1. Introduction to Spring Boot

a. Type of software architectures
b. Need of spring boot
c. Difference between spring & spring boot

2. Spring Boot Core Components

a. Introduction
b. Brief discussion on components
c. Real time scenarios of components

3. Spring Boot First Application

a. Using
b. Using STS IDE
c. Anatomy of application
d. Internal Flow

4. Auto Configuration

a. Introduction
b. @Conditional Flow
c. Customize @Conditional annotations
d. Spring Boot built in conditional annotations

5. Integration Examples

a. Using dependency injection
b. Using spring jdbc
c. Using spring data

6. Integration with Spring Web

a. Using spring web mvc
b. Using spring restful
c. Need of embedded servers & customization

7. Understanding YAML

a. YAML for properties
b. Multiple profiles inside a single YAML file

8. CLI

a. Need of CLI
b. Groovy Script
c. Application using CLI

9. Actuator

a. Need of actuator
b. Enabling actuator in spring boot
c. Actuator endpoints
d. Metrics endpoints
e. Shutting down your application
f. Customizing actuator endpoints
g. Securing endpoints

10. Micro Services

a. Introduction
b. Challenges
c. Design standards
d. Pitfalls

11. Containerizing MicroService

a. Need of containerization
b. About Docker
c. Docker setup
d. Docker architecture
e. About Dockerfile
f. Dockerizing spring boot application
g. Creating a docker image using maven
h. Docker Compose

12. Spring Cloud

a. Introduction
b. Cloud Architecture
c. Cloud application benefits

13. Spring Cloud Config

a. Introduction
b. Setup version control repository
c. Integration with repository

14. Netflix

a. Introduction
b. Service Discovery
c. Enabling Eureka Server as a discovery server
d. Performing Eureka service discovery with eureka clients
e. Client side load balancing using Netflix Ribbon
f. Understanding Discovery and Eureka Clients
g. Understanding bootstrap.yml and application.yml

15. Api Gateway

a. Introduction
b. Design standards
c. Server side and client side load balancing
d. Implementing API Gateway using Netflix Zuul proxy

16. Feign Client

a. About Rest Client & Feign Client Basics
b. Enabling Feign Client in spring boot
c. Overriding Feign Defaults
d. Exception Handling

17. Event Driven And Asynchronous Reactive Services

a. Event Driven patterns
b. Reactive Programming
c. Command Query Responsibility Segregation
d. Reactive integration with spring boot application

18. Spring Cloud Streaming

a. About Kafka
b. Integrating kafka with spring boot
c. Configuration properties for kafka

19. Resilent Systems

a. Circuit breaker pattern
b. About Hystrix
c. Enabling circuit breaker in spring boot

20. Testing Spring Boot

a. Test driven development
b. Unit testing and integration testing
c. Using JUnit & Mockito for test cases
d. Postman for testing restful service contracts

21. Swagger API

a. Introduction
b. Configuring swagger 2 in spring boot
c. Configuring swagger UI in spring boot
d. Filtering api from swagger’s documentation

22. Cloud Hosting

a. Pivotal Cloud Foundry account setup
b. Hosting to Pivotal
c. AWS account setup
d. Hosting to AWS

23. Centralized Logging

a. Logging solution using ELK stack
b. Request tracing using sleuth
c. Request tracing using zipkin