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Batch Date: July 11th @7:00AM

Faculty: Mr. Venkat Kumar (10+ Yrs of Exp,.. & Real Time Expert)

Duration: 1 Month

Venue :
Flat No : 202, 2nd Floor,
HUDA Maitrivanam,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad - 500038

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Lightning Web Components


  • Again under these there we have 15 important topics for javascript.
  • They are:
    Variables, Datatypes, null vs undefined, Arrow function, spread operator, destructuring, string interpolation, string methods, object methods, array methods, promises, Events, SetTimeOut vs SetTime Interval, QuerySelectors

➔ Introduction to Lightning Web-Components:

  • Why Salesforce introduced LWC
  • Comparison between Aura and LWC.

➔ Software Setup:

  • VS-Code
  • Salesforce-cli
  • Salesforce extension pack.

➔ Fundamentals of LWC:

  • Design the first lwc components
  • One-way and two-way databinding
  • Decorators(@api,@wire,@track)
  • getters in lwc
  • Conditional-rendering(if:true,if:false)
  • Template looping(for:each and iterator)

➔ Composition and Query Selectors

➔ Styles in LWC

  • Inline styling and external css
  • Lightning design system
  • Shared css
  • Dynamic styling

➔ Lifecycle Hooks

  • Flow of licecycle hooks
  • Connected-callback, Rendereedcallback, Errorcallback, Disconnected-callback
  • Create a signin and signup form using render method.

➔ Component Communication:

  • Parent to Child communication
    → Under these again we have 4 approaches
  • Child to parent communications by creating custom event.
    → Demonstrating a realtime userstories by creating different form and making an interaction between parent to child components.

➔ Communication between Independent Components: PUBSUB AND LMS

  • Lightning Message service:
    → Communication between lwc to lwc
    → Communication between lwc to aura
    → Communication between lwc,aura and visualforce.

➔ Salesforce Resource Component Context and Notifications.

  • Images from static resources
  • Thirdparty javascript libraries in lwc
  • Using Thirdparty css library
  • Content Asset Files
  • Access labels
  • Access Client Form Factor
  • Get Information About the Current User
  • Fetch recordid and object name
  • Toast Notifications

➔ Base Lightning Components

  • Lightning-record-view-form
  • Lightning-record-edit-form
  • Lightning-record-form
  • Illustrating different examples on account,contact, and opportunity, lead and case object.A part from that creating different forms using the custom objects also.

➔ Apex in LWC

  • when to use apex method
  • How to import and expose apex methods
  • wire apex method with parameters
  • call apex methods imperatively

➔ Navigation Service

  • Navigate To Home
  • Navigate To Chatter
  • Navigation To New Record
  • Navigate To List View
  • Navigate To Files
  • Navigate To Record Page in View and Edit Mode
  • Navigate to tab
  • Navigate to external web-page
  • Navigate To lwc-component
  • Navigate to vf-page.

➔ LDS Wire Adapters

  • Create records, update records, delete records from the component.
  • Wire method, How wire is reactive
  • Different types of examples needs to be covered for wire adapters.

➔ Book-listing Api with rest callout

➔ Introduction to experience(community) cloud and deploying the lwc components to experience cloud