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Batch Date: May 14th @9:00PM

Faculty: Mr. Sai (25+ Yrs of Exp,.. & Corporate Trainer)

Duration: 3 Months

Venue :
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1. Introduction to Cloud Computing/SFDC

  1. Course Contents
  2. Introduction to IT,Cloud computing and its types of services
  3. Introduction to Salesforce, Different types of Salesforce Cloud, Partners
  4. Multitenant Architecture ,Editions,Environments,Versions and typesof Cloud (Private, Public and Hybrid)
  5. MVC Pattern

2. Configuration

  1. Basic Vocabulary - Principles of Design (How to Identify Apps,sObject, Fields and Why Apps, sObjects, Fields)
  2. Account registration, Creation of Basic Vocabulary in Developer Account
  3. Drawbacks of Traditional Approach, Introduction to Relationships
  4. Types of Relationships -Self,Lookup and Master detail
  5. Types of Relationships-Many to Many,Rollup Summery Relationships
  6. Introduction to Validation Rules, Types and their Implementations
  7. Page Layouts and Record types
  8. Cross Object Formula Field,Globla Picklist Values,Fileld Track History,Filed Dependency,Multi Select Picklist

3. CRM (Marketing , Sales and Service)

  1. Introduction to CRM and Comparision with Other CRM
  2. Industries- Clients, Communication, Financials,Health Care, Manufacturing, HR
  3. CRM Architecture - Marketing, Sales and Service Cloud
  4. Working with Salesforce CRM (Standard Objects)
  5. Campaigns,Lead, Account, Contact,Opportunity
  6. Product, Price Book,Forecast, Qoutes, Orders,Contract
  7. Asset, Activity, Task,Event, Case, Solution, Answers
  8. SFDC CRM life Cycle
  9. PaaS of CRM - Lead Assignment Rule, Lead Auto Response
  10. Web to Lead, Email to Case
  11. Sales Process, Lead Process ,Support Process
  12. Service Cloud : Live Agent and Omni Channel
  13. Introduction to App Exchange

4. Administration

  1. Introduction to Administration, Difference between Security and Protection
  2. Data Management - Data Migration
  3. Data Import Wizard,Data Loader /
  4. Difference between Data loader and Data
  5. Workflows
  6. Process Builder
  7. Approvals
  8. Flows
  9. Reports and Report types,Dashboards
  10. Introduction to Security Components
  11. Organizational Level Security (Login IP Ranges, Login Time, Password Policies)
  12. S-object Level Security (Profiles and Permission Sets)
  13. Field Level Security (Profiles and Permission Sets)
  14. Record level Security (OWD,Roles Hirarchy, Sharing Rules and Manual Sharing)
  15. Roles, Queues and Public Groups
  16. Email Templates
  17. Internal and External Users(Community and Portal Users)

5. Development


  1. Introduction to Software languages(HLL,Assembly and Low Level language )
  2. Introduction to HLL (Programming Languages, Scripting Language and Markup Language)
  3. Introduction to Programming Language(Monolithic,Structured,POPL,OBL,OOPL)
  4. Comparision to between Natural and Formal Languages
  5. Types of Tokens (Identifiers,keywords,literals,Strings and Operators )
  6. Types of Statements(Memory, ALU, I/O and Control statements ) with Examples
  7. Memory Statement- Datatypes (Prmitive,Complex)
  8. ALU Statement (Operators and its types) with example programs
  9. Control Statements and It's tpyes (Simple condition:- Simple if,If else,If else if,Series of if and Nested if )
  10. Iterative Statements (Range based : (For loop, For each) Condition based : While and Do-While )
  11. Jump Statements: Return Statements
  12. Introduction to Functions: Types, System defined and User defined and Parts of the Functions
  13. Introduction to OOPS: Encpasulation,Abstaction, Polymorphism and Introduction to Inheritance
  14. Introduction to Class:- Definition, Syntax and Expamples
  15. Types of Class: Business class and Test Class
  16. Introduction to Object and Constructor and their Syntax
  17. Types of Abstractions (Protected,Private,Public and Global)
  18. Basic Programs with 5 Examples
  19. THIS Operator
  20. Constructor and its types
  21. Polymorpshim(Method OverLoading, Operator Over Loading, Constructor Over Loading)
  22. Collections(List , Set, Map and its related methods)
  23. Exception Handling and Assertions
  24. Annorations(@isTest,@future,@depricated)
  25. Database Statements (DML,SOQL and SOSL)


  1. VisualForce
  2. Introduction to Mark Up Language- Basic HTML Tags , Form Related tags
  3. Visualforce Components - Input, Output, Action
  4. Different Types of Controllers -Standard, Custom, Stadard List , Custom List , Extensions , Standard Set Controllers
  5. Schedule Apex
  6. Batch Apex
  7. Triggers - Before and After Events
  8. Integration
  9. Introduction to Integration
  10. Types of Integration
    1. SOAP API
    2. REST API Through WorkBench
    3. BULK API

6. Lightning Development Real time Project Modules

  1. Intoduction to Lightning
    • Intoduction to salesforce lightning platform
    • What is Lightning ?
    • Difference Between Traditional Web Application Approach to Single Page Application
  2. Difference Between Classic and Lightning
  3. Lightning Schema
    • Create sObjects , Fields & Relationships ,Tab , Lightning App
  4. App Customization Using Lightning App Builder
  5. Hands on Challenge
  6. Intoduction to Lightning Development
    • Lightning Component Framework Overview
    • Domain Creation
  7. Intoduction to Lightning Development
    • Understanding Lightning Bundle
    • Component
    • Controller
    • Helper
    • Style
    • Documentation
    • Renderer
    • Design
    • SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)
  8. Lightning Component Library
  9. Namespcaes & Expression
  10. Types of Attribute & Value Providers
  11. Calling Mechanism
    • Combining App , Component And Client Side Controller
  12. Connect Componets With Events
    • Application Event , Component Events , Browser Events & System Events
  13. Hands on Challenge
    • Lightning Calculator
  14. Referring STYLE Resources and SLDS
  15. Usecase of Lightning
    • aura:if,aura:iteration,lightning:input,lightning:button,lightning:datatable
  16. Calling Mechanism
    • Server Side Controller
  17. Create and Edit Record through Lightning Component
  18. Search Records Dynamically
  19. Hands on Challenge
    • Insert and Dynamic Display in same page
    • Search Records Dynamically without Button
  20. Delete Operation through Lightning Component
  21. Introduction to LDS(Lightning Data Service)
    • Lightning:RecordForm , force:recordata