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REST API Course Details

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Batch Date: Oct 20th @ 5:30PM

Faculty: Mr. Srinivas

Duration : 30 Days

Venue :
Plot No : 202, IInd Floor ,
HUDA Maitrivanam,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038.

Ph.No: +91 - 9246212143, 80 96 96 96 96


(DJANGO Rest Framework)

1. Introduction to Django Web Framework

2. Introduction to REST and API

3. Introduction to Restful Webservices

4. Django Rest Framework(DRF)

5. DRF Advantages and Constraints

6. Difference between Django and REST API

7. REST API pre-requisites

8. REST API Configuration and Installation

9. Serialization and Deserialization

10. JSON and XML

11. Action and handler methods

12. Function based and class based views

13. API Views

14. Mixins

a. ListModelMixin

b. CreateModelMixin

c. UpdateModelMixin

d. DestroyModelMixin

e. RetrieveModelMixin

15. Generic Views

a. ListAPIView

b. CreateAPIView

c. UpdateAPIView

d. DeleteAPIView

e. ListCreateAPIView

f. ListCreateUpdateAPIView

g. ListCreateUpdateDestroyAPIView

16. ViewSets

a. ViewSets

b. ModelViewSets

17. @apiview[]

18. Security

a. Authentications

b. Authorizations

19. Github