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Batch Date: Feb 17th & 18th @11:00AM

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Duration: 5 Weekends Batch

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Docker & Docker Swarm Orchestration

  • Introduction to Containers & Docker
  • Docker architecture & Docker repositories
  • Pull, Create & Upload Docker images
  • Using Dockerfile and Docker Compose
  • Understanding Docker Networks
  • Understanding Docker Volumes
  • Creating Docker cluster using Docker Swarm
  • Docker Swarm Stacks and Container Placement
  • Docker Swarm Node Availability
  • Docker Swarm Rolling Updates
  • Docker Swarm secrets and Container healthcheck
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Deploying PODS, Services, Deployments.

Introduction to Kubernetes

  • Understanding Container Runtime Environments.
  • Working with YAML files for creating manifests.
  • Deploying Docker and understanding Docker components like Engine, Networks, Images & Registries.
  • Creating custom container images with Dockerfile
  • Why Kubernetes & Understanding Kubernetes architecture and Components.
  • Understanding the Kubernetes Component Connectivity.
  • Studying significance of API-Server, ETCD, Kube-Scheduler, Controllers, Kubelet & Kube-Proxy.
  • Understanding Kubernetes High Availability.

Deploying & Managing Kubernetes using KOPS

  • What is Kubernetes Operations (KOPS)?
  • Deploying Kubernetes Production Grade Kubernetes Cluster with on AWS with KOPS.
  • Understanding components of KOPS.
  • Scaling the Kubernetes Cluster using KOPS.
  • Manipulating KOPS configuration for reducing the bill.
  • Accessing Kubernetes cluster with Kubeconfig
  • Running Kubernetes basic cluster commands.

Working with Kubernetes POD’s & Deployments

  • Running Kubectl Commands vs. Deploying Manifests
  • Overview about POD, Deployment, ReplicaSet, Service & Namespaces.
  • Deploying, Managing & Troubleshooting PODs.
  • Deep dive through POD, POD Components, POD-Sidecar, kube-scheduler life cycle.
  • Managing PODs with EXEC, port-forwarding, POD Metadata &PODEnvironment variables.
  • Disadvantages of running PODS and Intro to Deployments.
  • Deep dive with Deployments, Replica Set & Replication Controller.
  • Differences and use cases of Replica Set & Daemonset.

Creating and Integrating Kubernetes Services

  • Understating Kubernetes Service and its importance.
  • Deep dive on Kubernetes Services and understanding Traffic Flow.
  • Creating ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer & Headless Service.
  • Understanding & Creating Liveness & Readiness Probes.
  • Understanding and Creating Ingress Controllers and Ingress Services.
  • Configure AWS LoadBalancer with Ingress controllers.

Kubernetes Advance Scheduling

  • Understanding Labels & Annotations
  • Configuring Labels & Annotations at Node & PODs.
  • Understanding how Taints and Tolerations work.
  • Configuring Node Taints and POD Tolerations
  • Understanding and Configuring Node Affinity.
  • Understanding and Configuring POD Affinity.

Storage with Kubernetes

  • Understanding Kubernetes Persistence and Non-Persistent Storage.
  • Creating non-persistent volumes - emptydir, gitrepo & host-path.
  • Deep dive in to Kubernetes Persistence Volumes (PV).
  • Creating Persistent Volume Claims (PVC) with Persistence Volumes.
  • Understanding Kubernetes Storage Classes and Dynamic VolumeProvisioning.

Kubernetes ConfigMaps & Secrets

  • Passing command-line variables containers.
  • Setting environment variables for containers.
  • Intro to ConfigMaps.
  • Decoupling configuration with ConfigMap
  • Working with sensitive data in Kubernetes.
  • Creating and using Secrets in Kubernetes.

Securing Kubernetes Cluster

  • How authentication works in Kubernetes.
  • Deepdive into Kubernetes Namespaces.
  • Configuring user access to the cluster.
  • Creating and working with service accounts.
  • Understanding RBAC in Kubernetes.
  • Creating Role and Role Bindings.
  • Creating ClusterRoles and ClusterRoleBindings.
  • Understanding Blue-Green Deployments & Rolling Updates

Troubleshooting & Updating Kubernetes Cluster

  • Working with logs in Kubernetes.
  • Working with Master and Worker Node Failure.
  • Find and retrieve information about the cluster components.
  • Performing Rolling Update with KUBECTL with no downtime
  • challenges with KUBECTL rolling updates.
  • Running KUBECTL cheat sheet commands.

Kubernetes Jobs & Cronjobs

  • Understanding differences between Job & Cronjobs
  • Creating a Job and understanding the attributes.
  • Use cases for Jobs.
  • Scheduling with Cron Jobs.
  • Use cases for Cron Jobs.

Kubernetes with Rancher & K3S

  • Understanding Rancher & Components
  • Deploying Racher and access dashboards.
  • Deploy On-Prem Kubernetes Cluster with Rancher
  • What is K3S?
  • Deploying Kubernetes Cluster with K3S application.
  • Advantages of K3S

POD Level Security with Network Policies

  • Understanding Kubernetes Network Policies.
  • Restricting and Allow Traffic between Pods.
  • Allow & Restrict traffic between Namespaces.
  • Restricting & Allow traffic based on Application Ports.

Service Mesh with Istio

  • What is Istio & What is the purpose?
  • Understanding Istio Architecture.
  • Deploy Istio on Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Enable Istio on namespace and deploy application
  • Checking Sidecars, Kiali, Jaeger
  • Deploying VirtualService & Gateways

Monitoring & Logging & Cluster Maintenance

  • Monitoring Cluster Components.
  • Working with Logs and application logs.
  • Performing cluster upgrade.
  • Backup and Restore of Cluster.
  • Overview about Prometheus monitoring.
  • Deploying Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes.
  • Creating dashboards for monitoring.
  • Understanding Alert Manager.

Working with AWS Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS)

  • Understanding AWS EKS Architecture
  • Deploying workloads on EKS Cluster.
  • Adding & Removing resources to the cluster.
  • RBAC on AWS EKS.

Helm Package Manager

  • Understanding & Installing Helm 3
  • Creating Helm Chart and understanding folder structure.
  • Working with Values.yaml file.
  • Creating custom charts for Nginx & EFS Provisioner.
  • Creating & linting Helm Packages.
  • Understanding Helm Chart Repositories.
  • Downloading & Installing applications for Helm Repositories.

CI/CD Tools & GitOps Kubernetes Applications

  • Jenkins & Azure DevOps Overview
  • Installing Jenkins and installing necessary plugins.
  • Integrating Jenkins with Kubernetes Cluster.
  • CI/CD with Jenkins Pipelines.