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DJANGO Course Details

Subcribe and Access : 5200+ FREE Videos and 21+ Subjects Like CRT, SoftSkills, JAVA, Hadoop, Microsoft .NET, Testing Tools etc..

Batch Date: Apr 27th @3:00PM

Faculty: Mr. Nagoor Babu

Duration : 45 Days

Location : Maitrivanam, Hyderabad.

Venue :
Plot No : 402, 4th Floor, Manjeera Square,
Above Udupi Park Hotel, Beside Aster Prime Hospital,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad - 500038.

Ph.No: +91 - 8885252627, 7207212427/28



1. Introduction to Python

2. Introduction to Web Development

3. Introduction to HTML

4. Introduction to DJANGO

5. Installing DJANGO

6. DJANGO Architecture

7. MVC and MVT architectures

8. Introduction and Installing PyCharm

9. Creating a Projects and Applications

10. Using DJANGO's Admin

11. Working with Views

12. URL mappings

13. Managing DJANGO's Settings

14. Creating and Activating Models

15. Working with Models

16. Setting up database and filtering database results

17. Creating templates and adding forms to template.

18. Working with User Interface.

19. Working with Admin Interface.

20. Working with Page Redirection.

21. Sending Emails.

22. Form Processing

23. Files and Images uploading

24. Cookies Handling

25. Sessions and Caching