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DEVOPS with AWS Course Details

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Batch Date: Oct 12th @ 9:00AM

Faculty: Mr. Sunil

Duration: 45 Days

Venue :
Plot No : 202, IInd Floor ,
HUDA Maitrivanam,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038.

Ph.No: +91 - 9246212143, 80 96 96 96 96



DevOps Introduction:

  • Why DevOps and roles and responsibilities
  • How DevOps and Cloud exists in today’s world
  • What is Continuous Integration and Delivery how it’s related to DevOps


  • Linux Introduction, Principles and Linux Distro
  • Command line utilities and basic commands
  • Linux File system introduction
  • Text Editors
  • Filters and Redirections
  • Users & Groups and Permissions


  • What is version control system?
  • Compare Git with others and why is it called Distributed Version Control System?
  • Create an Local Git Repository
  • Operations like commit, pull, push, clone, merge, cherry pick and rebase
  • Git Branches and how t use
  • GitHub a remote repository


  • What are build tools?
  • Compare Ant and Maven
  • GAV Coordinates in Maven
  • Build a Java Application using Maven
  • Dependency Management
  • Plugins as a building block in maven build
  • Building and deploying java web application using maven


  • Introduction to Continuous Integration.
  • Build & Release and relation with DevOps
  • Why continuous integration
  • Jenkins introduction and setup
  • Jenkins projects/jobs
  • Jenkins plugins
  • Jenkins administration:
    • Users
    • Nodes/Salves
    • Managing plugins
    • Managing Software Versions

Docker & Kubernetes:

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Virtualization and Containerization differences
  • Docker Installation
  • Docker CLI
  • Run your first Docker Container
  • Copy Files in the Docker Image
  • Docker, Maven and Jenkins
  • Tag and share docker images
  • Database Installation with Docker Image
  • Learning DockerFile
  • Creating our own Docker Image
  • Docker Networking


  • Ansible Introduction & Setup
  • Foundation
  • Modules and Ad hoc Commands
  • YML Scripting
  • PlayBook for CM automation
  • Roles


  • Installation of Nagios
  • Configuring Nagios
  • Monitoring with Nagios