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ANDROID Course Details

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Batch Date: Sept 21st @6:00PM

Faculty: Mr. Sai

Duration: 45 Days

Venue :
Plot No : 202, IInd Floor ,
HUDA Maitrivanam,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038.

Ph.No: +91- 9246212143, 80 96 96 96 96



1. Introduction to Mobile Platform

a. Types of software’s and their differences
b. Benefits of mobile applications

2. Introduction to Android

a. Android History
b. Android platform architecture
c. Android versions history

3. About Android App

a. Structure of app
b. Basic components of app.

4. Android Studio

a. About android studio
b. Benefits of using android studio
c. Configuring android virtual device manager
d. Configuring android versions for development

5. Walking to First App

a. Developing with android studio
b. Starting app services with android virtual device manager
c. Starting app services with real android device i.e.(Android smartphone)

6. Activity

a. About activity
b. Activity life cycle management

7. Intent

a. About intent
b. Types of intents
c. Built in intents
d. Sharing data using intent

8. Activity Chaining

a. Activity communication and types
b. Sharing data using intent

9. Android UI Components

a. About UI Components
b. About layout managers
c. About ways of using UI components

10. About List View

a. Introduction
b. Types of list views
c. Customizing layout and array adapter

11. Android Event Handling

a. Types of event handling mechanism’s
b. Working with events for all types of ui components.

12. Fragments

a. Introduction
b. Types of fragments
c. Fragment Vs Activity
d. Integrating fragment with activity

13. Notifications

a. Types of notifications
b. Implementing notifications with and without events.

14. Dialogs

a. Types of dialogs
b. Implementing dialogs with event handling

15. Services

a. Types of services
b. Diff between services and activities
c. Integrating service with activity

16. Broadcast Receiver’s

a. About broadcast receiver
b. Types of broadcast receiver’s
c. Diff between service and broadcast receiver’s

17. Android Databases

a. Need of databases
b. Types of databases and their differences

18. Android with HTML

a. Need of html in android
b. Building apps using Web View
c. Managing different screens in web app
d. Integrating jquery with html in android

19. Android Animation

a. About android animation
b. Types of animation and differences
c. Canvas and open GL ES

20. Android Media and Camera

a. About camera and capture
b. Supported media formats
c. Media playback locally and externally

21. Web Services Integration

a. Introduction
b. Background Processing in Android & Types
c. Integrating web services with android app

22. Google Maps and Sensors

a. Introduction to maps
b. Location management
c. Sensors overview
d. Types of sensors and differences

23. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi management

24. Building apps with user sign in with social networking sites.

25. Google play services for app publishing


1. Covers latest features of android versions while discussing in above concepts

2.. Developing apps on KOTLIN

3. Writing test cases using JUnit

4. Debugging & testing android app in real time

5. Boosting all concepts of android with real time examples using android studio only.