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AWS (Amazon Web Services) Course Details

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Batch Date: Apr 16th @7:00PM

Faculty: Mr. Chaitanya (13+ Yrs Of Exp,..)

Duration: 45 Days

Venue :
Flat No : 202, 2nd Floor,
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(Amazon Web Services)

Introduction to Cloud Computing:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to AWS & Azure Cloud Computing
  • Understanding differences between On-premises and Cloud architecture.
  • Understanding AWS Regions & Availability Zones.
  • Understanding IP Addressing & Subnetting.
  • Understanding Shared Infra Structure and Isolation in AWS Cloud.

Virtual Private Cloud:

  • What is a VPC(Virtual Private Cloud)?
  • VPC Architecture and Internal working of VPC.
  • Design and Deploy Virtual Private Cloud.
  • Create Subnets, Internet gateway, Routing, Security Groups and deploy EC2 machine with Key Pair.

VPC Peering:

  • Single & Multi-Region VPC Peering.
  • Configure Intra VPC and Inter-VPC Peering.
  • Real time use cases of AWS VPC Peering.
  • Problems with VPC Peering and solutions.

NAT Gateway

  • What is Network Address Translation?
  • Configuring a NAT Gateway.
  • Securing inbound connectivity with NAT Gateway.
  • Understanding VPC Endpoints.
  • Testing the use case with VPC End Points.


  • How to monitor & secure VPC traffic?
  • What is a Security Group(SG)?
  • What is Network Access Control List (NACL)?
  • Differentiate SG vs NACL?
  • Testing Security Group & NACL
  • Understanding AWS Network Firewall
  • Creating Rule Groups, Firewall Policy and Deploy Firewall.
  • Restricting Websites and Application traffic using AWS Network Firewall.
  • Working with DNS Firewall

VPN Connectivity

  • Overview of VPN Connectivity between AWS and On-Prem DC?
  • What is a Virtual Private Gateway(VPG)?
  • Creating a Virtual Private Gateway and establish VPN Connection?
  • Testing the VPN Connectivity between On-Premises and AWS on private networks.

Transit Gateway.

  • Discussing VPC Peering issues.
  • What is a Transit Gateway?
  • Configuring Transit Gateway.
  • Connecting multiple VPC using Transit Gateway.


  • Introduction to EC2 Instances and deployment options.
  • EC2 Metadata, Variable Creation and AMI Creation
  • EC2 Launch Templates, Spot Instances & Reservations.
  • Introduction to Elastic Block Storage(EBS) and Instance Store.
  • Creating and configuration EBS Storage.
  • Understanding AWS Snapshots.
  • Performing EBS backup using Snapshots and Life Cycle Manager


  • Introduction to Application & Network Load Balancer.
  • Difference between Targets Groups and Load Balancer.
  • Deploy and Configure Network Load Balancer and perform load balancing.
  • Simulate Network Load Balancing Scenarios.
  • Deploy and configure Application Load Balancing.
  • Simulate Path-Based load balancing using multi-target groups.
  • SSL Certificate configuration using AWS Certificate Manager and 3rd Party Certificate Authorities.
  • Integrating NLB and ALB with Route53 Zones.
  • Introduction AWS Certificate Manager
  • Create Route 53 domain and Application Load Balancer.
  • Import SSL certificates to Load Balancer and convert HTTP to HTTPS
  • Configuring Route53 Failover Policies.
  • Introduction to CloudFront.
  • Configuring S3 Static Website with CloudFront.
  • Introduction to AWS Direct Connect and Global Accelerator.

Auto Scaling:

  • Introduction to EC2 Auto Scaling
  • Creating Custom AMI for Auto Scaling
  • Creating Launch Configuration and Auto Scaling Groups
  • Deploy the machines behind NLB and perform CPU stress testing
  • Simulate Auto Scaling Scenarios

Systems Manager:

  • Introduction to AWS Systems Manager
  • Using SSM RUN command for EC2 configuration Management.
  • Using SSM session manager for EC2 console access.
  • Overview on SSM Patching and Automation
  • AWS SMS Parameter Store
  • Accessing Sessions Managed using VPC Endpoints.

AWS Simple Storage Service(S3):

  • Introduction to AWS Simple Storage Service(S3)
  • Creating S3 buckets, versioning, static hosting and log configuration
  • Creating bucket policies for granular S3 items access
  • Creating Bucket wide replication and Life Cycle Policies.
  • Introduction to Elastic File System (EFS)
  • Creating EFS between AZs and testing data consistency.
  • Introduction to Storage Gateway and Deploying it.
  • Introduction to AWS Glacier and creating vaults.
  • Introduction to FSx and AWS Backup


  • Introduction Databases and SQL vs NoSQL
  • Deploy MySQL RDS Multi-AZ Database
  • Create a new DB on RDS and alter the data.
  • Perform Failover and Failback of RDS Database
  • Introduction to DynamoDB
  • Create a Serverless application using DynamoDB, API Gateway & AWS Lambda.


  • Introduction Cloudwatch, Dashboards, Alarms,
  • Cloud Watch Logs and Schedules with Lambda
  • Infra as a Code(IaaC) with Cloudformation and version with GitHub
  • AWS AP & Resource audit with Cloud Trial & AWS Config.
  • Automation with OpsWorks and Automated deployment with Aws Elastic BeanStalk.
  • Working with Trusted Advisor, Service Catalog, License Manager & Personal Health Dashboard.


  • Introduction to AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management)
  • Creating Users, Roles, Groups and Security Policies.
  • Restricting User Access and Cross Account Roles.
  • Deploy AWS AD Directory Service, Create AWS Organization.
  • Integration AWS Active Directory Service with Single Sign On.
  • Introduction to AWS Resource Access manager(RAM), Inspector and Guard Duty.
  • Understanding Cognito, KMS, Macie, CloudHSM& WAF.

AWS Migration:

  • AWS Migration overview
  • Deploying AWS Service Migration Service.
  • Integrate SMS with VMware vSphere environment.
  • Create replication job for copying On-prem machine to AWS.
  • Introduction to Database Migration Service (DMS).
  • Overview of migration a MySQL to RDS using DMS.
  • Migrate data using DataSync.
  • Introduction of AWS Migration Hub.


  • Introduction to Automation & Configuration Tools.
  • Understanding Infra as a Code(IaaC)
  • Deploy infrastructure using Cloudformation, Stacksets.
  • Cloudformation macros and Nested stacks.
  • Introduction to Terraform.
  • Understanding Terraform Vs CloudFormation.
  • Deploying & Destroying AWS environment with Terraform.
  • Introduction to Packer.

AWS Lambda:

  • Understanding AWS Lambda.
  • Creating functions using Python in Lambda and understanding contexts and events.
  • Introduction to Boto Library and integrating with Lambda.
  • Integrating AWS Lambda with other AWS Services.