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Batch Date: Sept 14th @ 6:30AM

Faculty: Mrs. Sasmitha

Duration: 45 Days

Venue :
Plot No : 202, IInd Floor ,
HUDA Maitrivanam,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038.

Ph.No: +91 - 9246212143, 80 96 96 96 96



Course Highlight

  1. Learn Deep Learning with PyTorch,Keras,Tensorflow and Theano
  2. Build a Deep Learning based model using Keras to predict future fuel Consumption of veichles
  3. Build An Image Classifier using OpenCv and PyTorch
  4. Learn Natural Language Processing Using Spacy,Gensim and NLTK
  5. Scrape data from web using Beutifulsoup and Selenium
  6. Build a Sentiment Classifier using PyTorch
  7. Set up a Big data Cluster in AWS
  8. Build a Recommender Engine using Apache Spark

Introduction To Deep Leaning

  1. Introduction To Deep leaning
  2. What is a Tensor
  3. Vector Operation
  4. Dot Product,Matrix Multiplication
  5. Waht is Gradient
  6. What is Loss Functions
  7. Installing PyTorch, Theano, Tensorflow, OpenCV and Keras
  8. Hands On

Artificial Neural Network

  1. The Neuron
  2. The Activation Function
  3. How Neural Network Work
  4. How Neural Network Learn
  5. Softmax
  6. Cross Entropy
  7. Gradient Descent
  8. Stochastic Gradient Descent
  9. Full vs Batch vs Stochastic Gradient Descent
  10. Back Propagation
  11. Evaluating ANN
  12. Improving and FineTuning ANN
  13. Introduction to Theano And Tensorflow
  14. Introduction to Keras

Project-1: Build a Regression based Prediction Model Using Keras

Convolutional Neural Network

  1. What is Convolution
  2. Convolution Example
  3. Convolution Operation
  4. ReLu Layer
  5. Pooling
  6. Flattening
  7. Full Connection
  8. Introduction to Image Processing
  9. Image Processing Theory Deep Dive

Project-2: Build an Image Classifier Using PyTorch

Natural Language Processing

Web Crawing , Web Scraping, Regular Expression

  1. Installing Beutifulsoup,Selenium
  2. Tutorial on Beutifulsoup
  3. Tutorial on Selenium
  4. Tutorial on Regular Expression

Project-3: Build Your Own Sentiment Analyser Using NLTK,Spacy and Gensim

  1. Collecting Product Reviews From Social Media
  2. Data Preprocessing
  1. Word Tokenization
  2. Stop Word Removal,Lemmatization,Stemming,n-grams,POS tagging
  3. TF-IDF
  4. Deep Dive into Naive Bayes Algorithm
  5. Building the Sentiment Classifier

Word Embeddings

  1. What is Word Embeddings
  2. Word2Vec Implementation
  3. Implementing Word2Vec with Theano

Data Visualization Using t-SNE

Named Entity Recognition

AWS EC2 PySpark Set-up

  1. AWS EC2 Set-up Guide
  2. Creating the EC2 Instance
  3. Installations on EC2

Installing Spark in Local System and Integrating with Jupyter Notebook

Spark DataFrame Basics

  1. Introduction to Spark DataFrames
  2. Spark DataFrame Basics Operations
  3. Missing Data
  4. Dates and TimeStamp

Project-4: Build a Recommender Engine Using PySpark

  1. Introduction to Recommendation Engine
  2. Collaborative Filtering
  3. Deep Dive into Alternative Least Square(ALS) algorithm
  4. Building a Recommendation engine using PySpark